Take one less worry off your charts

Nov 05, 2019

Take one less worry off your charts

Dear Valued Customer,

We understand how hectic schedules in the laboratory may get, that is why we want to help out through our Annual Testing Maintenance Package. Skip the yearly hassle of looking for a service provider. Just sign up and let us do the job for you. We provide advance service booking and set out reminders to you when the date of service is near so that you do not have to worry about missing to arrange for the service.

What's in the package?

  1. Annual testing/re-certification

  2. Free consumable replacement*

  3. General physical and operational checks of the cabinet **

  4. Special Discount for spare parts and consumable replacement

  5. Option to extend the contract at same pricing at the end of agreement

*subject to the type of cabinet
**including sash movement, electrical sockets, light indicators, etc.

With Esco service, customers can expect that breakdown calls are attended promptly and technical issues can be resolved faster than any other service provider could provide.

Esco strongly recommends that customers sign up for our maintenance package to avoid voiding the limited warranty of their Esco products.