Esco Solves Problem on Lab Animal Allergy

Jun 03, 2014

Esco Solves Problem on Lab Animal Allergy

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Animal research, cage changing and bedding disposal procedures are now simpler, safer and more productive with the Esco range of VIVA® Animal Containment Workstations.

With the introduction of the VIVA® range, Esco applies decades of experience in clean air technologies to the animal research laboratory, protecting personnel and the laboratory environment from:
  • Hazards related to the equipment, materials and practices used in performing routine animal husbandry;
  • Hazards relating directly or indirectly to animal contact;
  • Hazards related to the technique or materials or biohazardous substances that may be used during the course of animal research.
Guide to Lab Animal Research Products
We can find many articles/paper written on the care of research animals, yet little was written on protecting the health and safety of the people who care for or use these animals. Allergic reactions to animals are among the most common conditions that adversely affect the health of workers involved in the care and use of animals in research.
"An estimated 10% of laboratory workers eventually develop occupation-related asthma. Information from 159 American institutions and 93 facilities from 20 other nations indicated that an effective program to control the problem of occupational allergy to laboratory animals remains to be developed. It has been demonstrated that three-quarters of all institutions with laboratory animals had animal-care workers with allergic symptoms"