Esco Joins the National Conference of Nuclear Medicine 2019 Malaysia

Aug 20, 2019

Esco Joins the National Conference of Nuclear Medicine 2019 Malaysia

Esco would like to thank all our partners, clients, and collaborators for visiting us at the recent National Conference of Nuclear Medicine 2019 (NCNM 2019) at Avillion Port Dickson, Malaysia last July 30 - August 2.

The conference's theme, "Way Forward and Future of Paediatric Nuclear Medicine," with the participation of local and international speakers and delegates, the event provided a good platform to share and exchange knowledge on the latest diagnostic and therapeutic aspects for paediatric patients.

As one of the gold sponsors of the said event, Esco also showcased its equipment for the containment of radiopharmaceuticals.

The Isoclean® Healthcare Platform Isolator (HPI), a containment system for handling radiopharmaceuticals, was the focal point in the exhibition hall, gaining attention from all the participants.


The Deputy Minister of Health Malaysia, YB Dr. Lee Boom Chye and the Head of Nuclear Medicine Service, Ministry of Health Malaysia, Dr. Ng Chen Siew have also graced the booth, along with a stream of reporters from various television networks and nuclear medicine associations. .


A symposium entitled, "Working Safely with PECs for Handling Radiopharmaceuticals" was also conducted by one of the product specialists, focusing and differentiating the airflow containment devices - fumehoods, biological safety cabinets, and isolators - and their importance in nuclear medicine.


NCNM 2019 concluded with a clearer goal towards the better future of Paediatric Nuclear Medicine, especially in Malaysia and in other South East Asian countries.

Again, Esco sincerely expresses gratitude to everyone who has visited the booth during the exhibit. See you on our next event!