Esco BSC, Exceeding Your Expectations

Jun 11, 2014

Esco BSC, Exceeding Your Expectations

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Esco is a world leader in biological safety cabinets, offering the industry's widest product range,
with thousands of installations in leading laboratories in more than 100 countries around the globe.
Esco's biological safety cabinets have earned more independent certifications, in more countries,
in more languages, than any other product, demonstrating our commitment to the industry's
best safety and quality.

Working Safely In Your Biological Safety CabinetWorking Safely In Your Biological Safety Cabinet
Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) is a primary containment equipment for many biological
laboratories. Esco is pleased to share some basics on how to work safely in a BSC.
The instructional material features the do's and don'ts while working in your BSC
as well as methods to set up your work and to carry out surface decontamination.
Only by implementing Good Microbiological Technique and good working
procedures that your BSC can provide you with the containment it is designed for.

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