A Glimpse of Esco's Innovative Solutions 'Esco launches its product line card'

Jun 26, 2019

A Glimpse of Esco


To be released today, Esco launches its Product Line Card that showcases a 2-page sheet summarizing its product range. The idea of its new release caters a guideline for customers to identify and choose their equipment need.

As the industry evolved throughout the years with its cry for innovation, Esco continued to be world class worldwide in providing solutions to make human lives safer and healthier. Esco represents innovation and forward-thinking designs, with the assurance of highest standard quality. It aims to continually invent, discover, and commercialize enabling technologies.

The Esco Group of Companies has three main divisions, namely – Esco Life Sciences, Esco Healthcare, and Esco Medical.

Esco Life Sciences is a market leader for laboratory equipment technology, with products for sample preparation, cultivation, analysis, storage, and protection solutions. It also offers chemical research equipment and laboratory thermostatic products.



Esco Healthcare, on the other hand, provides high-quality and dedicated services, equipment packages, and process solutions to support healthcare companies. It has three subdivisions – Esco Pharma, TaPestle Rx, and Esco VacciXcell, all of which aims to provide equipment solutions from discovery to delivery, thereby directly and indirectly progressing occupational safety and healthcare.



Esco Medical is a fertility technologies provider, aiming to help IVF centers to achieve better clinical outcomes.



In the coming years, Esco will continue to break new grounds in the life sciences arena by leveraging on the diverse expertise from our different business units.

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